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Rent bicycle parking

Rent bicycle parking

You conclude an annual contract with us and pay per month, quarter or year in advance by direct debit. The one-time deposit for the key is 20 euros.

For storing motorbikes and scooters, we would like to have a meeting in advance, regarding nuisance and insurance requirements. You will receive an electronic access key and our cameras and the computer system will record all visits.

Your bicycle, scooter or motorcycle is safe and dry, but at your own risk. If damage or theft has occurred, the images can be requested from us.

You can store with us from:

Kind of vehicleAmount per monthAmount per quarterAmount per jear
Bicycle€ 14,50,-€ 42,-€ 168,-
Electric bicycle€ 25,-€ 75,-€ 300,-
Scooter€ 37,50,-€ 111,-€ 444,-
Motor€ 45,-€ 135,-€ 540,-



Bike Boxx is the solution for your bicycle or scooter in Amsterdam. We provide for your means of transport:

  • Bicycle sheds
  • Scooter parking
  • Bicycle maintenance

We offer dry and safe storage facilities. If necessary, we offer a replacement bicycle.

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