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Rent bicycle parking

Rent bicycle parking

You can sign up for a year contract with us and pay monthly, quarterly or annually, in advance through direct debit. The one-time key deposit is 20 Euro. For the storage of motorcycles and scooters, we like to call a meeting, related to the terms and insurance requirements. You will receive an electronic access key by which our cameras and computer system logs all your visits to our system. Your bicycle, scooter or motorcycle is secure and dry, but at your own risk. Should damage or theft occur the surveillance footage will be available from us.

You can board with us for:

Type of objectMonthly costsQuarterly costsYearly costs
Bicycle€ 12,50€ 36,-€ 144,-
Bakfiets (carrier cycle) / Electric bike€ 25,-€ 75,-€ 300,-
Scooter€ 35,-€ 105,-€ 420,-
Motor€ 45,-€ 135,-€ 540,-


Other services provided by Bike Boxx

We offer dry and secure storage facilities. If necessary, we offer a replacement bicycle.


Rent a bicycle parking spot

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A 24 hour

secure and dry bicycle storage facility that is close to home.


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